“George Orwell could not blow his nose without moralising on conditions in the handkerchief industry.” – Cyril Connolly


This quote, somewhat ambiguous in its tone, regardless communicates both the consistency and intensity of the scrutinizing gaze George Orwell focused on the events, people, and ideas of his time. No issue was too small for criticism, and no cows were too sacred for slaughter. This uncompromising approach can be seen in his modern journalistic progeny with the likes of Christopher Hitchens and numerous others.

In days drenched with ever-precious soundbites and the 24/7 newscycle, genuine scrutiny and passion can be rarities that a repetitive, brow-beating, video-looped news aesthetic attempts to masquerade.

You’ll find little chest-pounding over capital-T Truth on this blog–sometimes this ideal is available, but almost always nuance deprives us of the luxury of such certainties. What you will find is a commitment to commentary and research that will aim to pass the more abstract litmus test: I aim to sleep at night beneath the bright pixellated glow of every typed word, whether for five readers for five million, forgive me the hyperbole.


With that, welcome to Orwell’s Handkerchief, a political and global events commentary stream. My name is Ryan. I am a news-obsessed writer with a freshly minted graduate degree that has nothing to do with the political world. This blog is simply the result of my need to no longer stand on the sidelines, even if my entrance into the fray is only ever a minor one.

I’m as biased as anyone, but I do attempt to let the facts stand as their own best advocate. I dislike totalitarianism, cronyism, religion, racism, sexism, and long walks on the beach.

Please enjoy your stay.